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Is there a Housing Bubble that is about to Burst?

Posted by Wendy Batten-Ward on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020 at 12:08am.

Home Prices Hit Record Highs. Is It a Bubble About to Burst?

 | Aug 24, 2020


The nation's surging home prices don't seem to care about the recession the country is mired in. They can't be bothered by the deadly coronavirus pandemic or the double-digit unemployment that's come as a result. Instead, prices are defying logic, expectations, and even belief, as they shoot up to record highs amid an unprecedented health and economic crisis.

It has all led some to wonder: Are some markets getting too hot? Could a significant correction be around the corner?

Such questions have become louder in recent weeks, in the face of some startling growth numbers, particularly in some high-priced California and less expensive Rust Belt, Midwestern, and Southern markets.

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